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Research on travel and tourism in the Philadelphia region

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The in-house research department at VISIT PHILADELPHIA ® tracks visitor statistics, measures tourism’s impact on the region and provides insight and tracking for every marketing program VISIT PHILADELPHIA develops.

To learn more about VISIT PHILADELPHIA ® research and reports, or to discuss what information may be relevant to your organization and its needs, please contact Andrew Zwarych, Research and Analytics Manager at [email protected] .

Research Reports

2023 Tourism Outlook

November 2022 Research & Marketing Update

Regional Visitation & Economic Impact

COVID-19 and Travel Sentiment

COVID-19 Resource Library
COVID-19 Resource Library – Travel and Tourism Research Association
A collection of free data sources all related to the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry.


National COVID-19 and Traveler Sentiment Survey – Longwoods International
A biweekly tracking survey of U.S. travelers’ intentions as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Conducted using a national sample of 1,000 adults ages 18+.

  • Wave 68 as of December 6th, 2022

    According to the latest Longwoods International tracking study of American travelers, the amount they expect to spend on their holiday travel is declining. In September, 31% reported they expected to spend more on holiday travel this year than last year. In the most recent survey, those expecting to spend more on holiday travel this year dropped to 24%. Conversely, in September, 19% said they expected to spend less on holiday travel this year; now those who expect to spend less has jumped to 27%.

View Past Waves

Past Waves

Greater Philadelphia

Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers’ Intention to Travel and Travel Priorities – Visit Philadelphia
Findings from the latest consumer survey, completed by more than 4,000 potential travelers.

  • Visit Philadelphia’s Research Update – March 4, 2021
    Data shows that travel optimism is improving, reflected in the fact that many travelers are already in the trip planning process and more than half plan to travel again before June. They want the planning process to be easy and have shortened their booking window to a week or less as uncertainty remains around travel. Over half of the travelers in our key drive markets would likely visit Philadelphia in the next year, and our dining options, historic attractions, and outdoor experiences attract them here most. Learn more about our proprietary research and how you can use it for your marketing efforts in the presentation.

Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers’ Intention to Travel and Travel Priorities – Russell Research
An ongoing survey of consumers to evaluate the effects of COVID-19 on Philadelphia’s travel & tourism industry. The study is conducted using a nationally representative sample of approximately 1,000 interviews among adults ages 18+ with sample augments in the Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC DMAs.

  • Return To Traveling Report – Week of September 25
    As of September 28, one-half of travelers in our key DMAs had at least some hesitation with traveling. This hesitation had an impact on destination choice and trip length – quick trips (1-2 nights) within 200 miles being most likely. On average, travelers were planning about three months and booking about two months prior to traveling. Travelers in our region are most motivated to travel by getting away from home, and would be interested in general sightseeing and outdoor, historic attractions when visiting Philadelphia.


Travel Mindsets Amidst COVID-19 – PA Tourism
A monthly survey of consumers to gauge current and future feelings toward travel, travel motivators and if Pennsylvania is being considered as a destination for future travel. The study is conducted using a representative sample of 1,000 adults ages 18+ from PA and the surrounding states.

  • Wave 4 as of October 28
    As of October, close to a third of travelers in the Pennsylvania region had started definitively planning for future trips, and another third had started somewhat planning. Planning was highest among younger travelers with higher household incomes. When thinking about traveling again, regional travelers are still most excited about getting away from home, followed by spending time with family and friends. Frequent travelers are more comfortable traveling in the next six months, and past visitors show an even higher propensity to return to a destination in the near future.

Economic Impact of COVID-19  – US Travel Association and Oxford Economics
Driven by U.S. Travel Association and Oxford Economics’ proprietary travel forecasting model, the semi-annual domestic and international forecast allows members to review the industry’s performance and consider the prospects for the coming year and through 2024.This document is available exclusively to U.S. Travel members.

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National Tourism Industry Reports

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For research on the national tourism industry, visit U.S. Travel Association .

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