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Brandywine Battlefield Park

The peacefully preserved remains of one of Washington’s few defeats...

Photo by K. Ciappa for Visit Philadelphia

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Most preserved battlefield sites memorialize winning fights, but the Revolutionary Army actually lost ground at Brandywine.

The Battle of Brandywine was the largest single day battle of the American Revolution. It covered the largest land area and incurred the most casualties of any battle in the war.

Still, the rolling hills of Brandywine Battlefield Park serve as a memorable addition to any Revolutionary War tour of the Philadelphia area.

Guests can tour the Benjamin Ring House, which George Washington used as his headquarters before the battle.

Nearby, visitors can also find the home of a wealthy farmer, Gideon Gilpin, whose property was pillaged by the British in the wake of the battle.

The History

Washington's Continental Army lost a crucial battle at Brandywine on September 11, 1777.

The revolutionaries lost a crucial battle at Brandywine on another fateful September 11, this one in 1777. They were outmaneuvered by the British General Howe and had to retreat, eventually to Valley Forge several miles away, where they spent a devastating winter.

Two weeks later, Howe occupied the colonial capital, Philadelphia.

Don’t Miss

Visitors can walk the park’s grounds for free, but admission to the park includes an 18 minute film, entrance to the museum and guided tours of Washington’s headquarters and the Gilpin House.

Both houses are preserved to look just as they did in 1777.

Guests can also enjoy year-round programming including live reenactments, a Revolutionary Dining Series, Kids’ Day and more.

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